Giving Back

We believe in kindness and compassion to all living things, which is why animal welfare is extremely important to us. We give back to organizations close to our hearts, such as our local SPCA and those working to rescue abused and neglected farm animals. Like us, they deserve kindness, safety, love, and happiness. Seeing an animal get a second chance at a happy and thriving life is a rewarding experience. After all, they give so much in return and are a fundamental part of our families.

Bella the Goat Sponsorship .

Gentle Barn sponsorship of Bella, a goat who was attacked by a dog and left for days with no medical attention. Gentle Barn was able to take her in, get her the medical treatment she needed, and rescue her leg. She has been living a happy and healthy life at the Gentle Barn since then. 

The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA  of Burlingame, California and The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind.